Knowwear is a brand spanking new online destination for you to spend all that money you don’t have.WHOEVER INVENTED CREDIT, I LOVE YOU, BRUH. The concept behind Knowwear is “…[eliminating] third party retailers by bringing the latest products directly to you through a carefully crafted daily editorial experience. Our team of stylists, photographers, and trusted collaborators will deliver a new look each day.” I have no fucking clue what any of that means, except that some INFLUENCERS will pick out some cool shit that you should wear, show you where to buy it and then somebody pays them their cut. FUCKING GENIUS, SON. WE SEE YOU, KNOWEAR. WE. SEE. YOU. Although, is anyone else bummed they didn’t drop the second "w" in "Knowwear"? I just feel like it should be "Knowear". It is a play on "nowhere," right? Shout out to Knowwear for avoiding the word "curate" in their copy because it must have been so fucking hard and for unknowingly giving me the opportunity to start my own company called "Knowear" should I choose to.