Dear old heads, we get it. If it wasn’t waxed in Northern England or folded over 700 times at the base of Mt. Fuji you’re not interested. For the rest of us fiscally responsible guys with real people incomes, I present Bosideng. Yes, it’s from China, but don’t bug the fuck out. Bosideng has been China’s premiere down clothing manufacturer since 1976 (check it, this company is so OG they survived the great leader’s death) and they come correct with this reversible sports down jacket. It's also filled with artificially bonded polyamides, so it's patterned differently depending on how you wear it. It’s no Moncler Gamme [insert color here], but thank Steezus it isn’t because that means more money in your pocket for the important things in life, like skate decks that you display as artwork and vintage VHS porn.