Shoutout to Mark McNairy and Pharrell for teaming up and not sucking. Look, it’s easy to fucking suck despite teaming up with another creative individual. Remember that time you tried to publish a zine with that blogger from San Fran? And it turned out ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE? Like, it was just a weird pastiche of both of your bad tastes? Yeah, that’s how most creative collaborations go these days. But I think what saves BBC Black, and Bee Line before it, is the fact that it’s Mark Motherfucking McNairy and Pharrell Motherfucking, I guess, yeah, just Pharrell. Watch this video from GQ to hear the genesis of the all black everything collection and why they chose to use v technical, v stealth ninja Crye Precision fabrics. Also, the story about McNairy’s exchange with an unhappy customer is fucking priceless and will have you going, "That's soooooooo McNasty" like a teenage girl.