Everyone deserves good design, and that's why Melbourne's Architecture Matters recently redeveloped The Stonnington Pound. After noticing the increasing number of lost and abandoned cats in the city of Melbourne, Architecture Matters was commissioned in order to not only redevelop the shelter, but to also create a new identity for the city's furry friends. Employing a number of sustainable designs amidst the wooded forest in which the pound is located, the firm made sure quality was at the center of their work.

Not only is the pound eco-friendly, it is also largely efficient. For example, Architecture Matters' team installed a rainwater catchment system where water can be recycled and then used for washing the the restrooms' cisterns as well as the building's enclosures. Also included are operable windows, intelligent air conditioning, and low energy lights. These designs sound purrrfect.

[via Designboom]