The UK's AR Design Studio doesn't mess around when it comes to renovations. In the city of Winchester, the ambitious studio recently revamped an already very luxurious home with their work titled, "The Glass House Project." This particular remodel required a good deal of maneuvering, seeing as the home's extension is made completely of glass, a generally tedious material to build with.

However, among the issues of building with glass came an unexpected discovery. During the excavation process, AR's team found decomposed human bodies later explained to be left behind from previous Roman burials. Once the bodies were handled by proper authorities, the project was back on, leading to the incredible architectural glass alcove that was once the house's servants' quarters.

Somehow, AR Design was able to combine two competing styles of architecture. The main house is for the most part traditional brick, while the glass extension is far more modern. Ultimately, the team pulled it off, and we are very impressed.

[via Designmilk]