You're familiar with the name Raf Simons, but how much do they really know about the Belgian designer? Besides references in A$AP Rocky or Pusha T lyrics, you might be hard-pressed to find guys who are really up on the designer's work, until now.

The Talks sat down with Simons to talk about his life and fashion—two simultaneous ideas. In fact, Simons didn't even start to study fashion until he was 18. "Until I was eighteen I did not know that you could study fashion design or art. I really didn’t know. I already had my nose in the art world, I was already looking at things, but I didn’t really get it that you could study that because my school was a very different environment," the designer says.

But Simons doesn't believe that fashion should be "taught" in conventional terms. He continues, "I think it partly can’t be taught, because I think teaching is not just learning to make a pattern or learning to sew a skirt or whatever. Teaching is also having a dialogue with somebody in order to teach the person to create a thought process."

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[via The Talks]