Shazam changed the game when it came out with its song-recognizing app 14 years ago. The same team behind the brand is ready to do it again, this time with clothing. The app in development will allow users to identify clothing through TV, and will push something called “media engagement.” As CEO Andrew Fisher explains, “we make it easier for consumers to engage with a brand or a piece of content they are interested in, without having to go through search engines, then mining the results. That works with both TV programming and advertising: a 30-second slot can be turned into a three-minute brand engagement – and more.”

The name of the app will probably be different, but will act the same. And your less knowledgeable friends can finally stop nagging you about what brand Kanye West wore, because now they can just point their phones to the TV for the answer. What do you think?

[via styleite]