These Tom & Hawk T-shirts are knitted on something called a CMS knitting machine. What does that machine do? It fucking knits, man. It also magically makes T-shirts more expensive. I do like that these aren’t simply silk-screened or dip-dyed or some other technique that makes you think you could replicate it on some DIY bullshit. YOU CAN’T. RECOGNIZE HUBRIS. Shoutout to Oi Polloi for the Commodore 64 reference in their sales copy. I SEE YOU, OI POLLOI’S COPYWRITER. Also, do any of you fuckers even know what a Commodore 64 is? I talked to someone the other day who legit didn’t really know what a floppy disk was. So, I punched that 14-year-old straight in his smug, technologically advanced face. HAVE FUN LOOKING UP THAT BROKEN NOSE ON WEBMD.