Some people think the status quo is a good thing. Others think it's there strictly to be defied. Courvoisier® has always fallen amongst the latter. It has always chosen to be the exception instead of the norm, and has redefined the way cognac should be both created and enjoyed.

To celebrate this dedication to uniqueness and ingenuity, Courvoisier® will be launching the Courvoisiology Lab on April 4th at Sir Stage 37 in New York. A multi-sensory experience that will revolutionize how cognac is experienced, the Lab will feature some wildly original craft cocktails from skilled mixologists, Courvoisier®-infused hors d'oeuvres, and an incredible interactive social experience. The evening will culminate with a performance by award-winning R&B goddess Kelly Rowland, singing tracks from her new album, Talk a Good Game. Remember to be different and defy all the rulesexcept one, which is to watch Kelly streaming live tonight at 9PM EST. To do so, click here.