We were excited when Das Racist curated the first Babes at the Museum mixtape, and very happy that they continued with a second one by Lemonade, but now they're back with a third. If you aren't familiar with Babes at the Museum, let us familiarize you—the website documents the styles and looks around the world's museums and museum babes. They're also on Instagram, so follow if you know what's good for you (and want to see the beauty of the world's art-loving ladies on a regular basis).
Their founder, Xavier Aaaronson, says, "I asked country punks Sunny Ali & The Kid to create the soundtrack to being chased out of the museum. What they sent back was a three-part mix: beginning with beats, moving on to their beloved country styles and closing with unadulterated rock from all over the world."
Sunny Ali and the Kid adds, "On any given day, Sunny Ali and the Kid are listening to pretty different stuff on their respective headphones, and the overlap of that Venn diagram is where we find collective inspiration. Aside from the music itself, one thing we agree on is that the constant chase for new music is folly. We live in a time when beautiful old music is being unearthed and suddenly we can hear more funk from Zambia, disco from Thailand, and psych rock from Japan than even the youths who were personally part of those scenes. In the land of musical history, the world has been given the gift of omnipotence, and we take full advantage of it every day."

Listen and share below:

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