While America is still the motherland when it comes to all things #menswear related, Australia has been creeping on the come up. 9 times out of 10 this results in absolute fuckwittery and, as an Australian local, I gladly concede that the menswear movement here trundles at a fraction of the pace that it would in North America. However, on this particular occasion I’m happy to report that Christian Kimber, a relatively young Australian brand, is doing some fresh shit in a part of the world most famous for inventing the shoe of choice for soggy swamp donkeys.

Kimber currently offers two types of footwear: A chukka boot (in 6 colorways) and tassel loafer (in 4 colorways). Years of experience on Savile Row have reinforced the construction sensibilities of the label’s namesake designer, who has his product manufactured in Spain. Goodyear welts, leather liners and Dainite soles are all par for the course and at under four hunnid big ones they’re a pretty on point investment. Additionally, if you’re got some Godzilla-esque clompers (I see you, bro), Kimber has a MTO program that can suit your trollish needs.