It's hard to write about Gay Talese—not that there isn't much to say, but without Talese's new form of journalism that he mastered in the 1960s, many of us writers wouldn't be here today.

Talese got to the heart of the story, and wrote about people like Frank Sinatra and Joe DiMaggio for Esquire. It just so happens that he's also one of the best dressed people in New York, or anywhere. The writer recently discussed his love for journalism and tailored clothing as one in the same.

"My idea as a writer is to make the stitching last," Talese says, "the writing, the shape of the story, the seriousness of which it is approached, the sense of craftsmanship."

Not only does Talese love his collection of tailored clothing, he sees himself as a garment producer when he writes, too. "I essentially write like a tailor," Talese says. "it's very methodicial, very careful. I have a sense of design before I ever put a needle into my work."

Watch the video above to see the rest of the story, and some of Talese's best clothes.

[via Particle Media]