Did you guys know that Dave 1 from Chromeo makes really dope music that you can smoke weed by yourself to, have dance-offs with your buddies to AND touch a girl’s private parts to? HE CRAFTS SUCH VERSATILE SOUNDSCAPES! Did you also know that he is a Ph. D. Candidate? Yeah, ya boy Dave is crushing it. He also has a capsule collection coming out with Frank & Oak. What’s in the collection? T-shirts, white jeans and lightweight summer blazers. None of it will really break your bank either, unless you’re really feeling the financial crunch, in which case, may you find peace. If you are broke, just go listen to some Chromeo on Spotify and touch your girl’s boobs, since that's free. Well, it’s not exactly free—it costs you, like, time and sometimes can end up costing you your feelings and sense of self-worth after she dumps you for being broke, but you know what I mean. If that does happen, cheer up because you’ll be in a better place to save up some cash and buy these reasonably priced white jeans and jackets and then casually run into your ex at her favorite bookstore slash record store slash coffees spot slash boutique slash bike shop and she will totally regret ever breaking up with you. This I swear.