Timbaland has been one of the best and most consistent hip-hop producers over the past 15 or more years. With a numerous amount of hits and songs to his credit, it's safe to say that the producer has a healthy bank account. But all of his funds may not have been accumulated legally.

The musician's insurance company claims that he has attempted to defraud them for $1.8 million dollars over a "stolen" watch, TMZ reports. The watch, which was purchased for $900,000, was insured for $1.8 million—twice the watch's value. 

TImbaland claimed that he had lost the watch, until four months later when he admitted that his two-year-old daughter had misplaced the watch. Many different stories have been told by different people involved in the case, only muddling the truth or evidence.

In result, Timbaland's insurance company (A.H.A.C.) claims it does not owe him anything. We'll see if he ever gets any bread out of this situation.

[via TMZ]