Online powerhouse Karmaloop is one of the reasons streetwear remains more relevant than ever. Thanks to its vast supply of tees, hoodies, and camo goods, huge umbrella of available brands, and prices that vary from the affordable cop to the occasional splurge, it's never been easier to dive headfirst into the streetwear world. Reasons like that are why we dubbed CEO Greg Selkoe as one of the most powerful people in streetwear.

13 years in the game, Karmaloop shows no signs of slowing down. Whether giving younger brands a chance in a saturated market through the Kasbah program, or diversifying the brand with boutiques like Boylston Trading Co. and Brick Harbor, it's clear that Selkoe has come a long way from his parents' basement. But it didn't get there alone, at the end of the day, all businesses are supported by their loyal clientele. And for Karmaloop these days, that's more varied than ever—which is exactly why we're taking a sarcastic look at The 10 Types of People That Shop at Karmaloop.