Ronnie Fieg's new Kith White Label lookbook just dropped and I'm going to go ahead and assume that "White Label" implies the clothes are things like "clean" and "nice," which begs the question: Is Ronnie Fieg racist? We have some other burning questions that need answering as well. How does one "collaborate with 13thWitness" on a lookbook? He took the photos right? Or did you guys press the button at the same time or something? Also, there's, like, a Mommy, Daddy and baby character thing happening here, right? That's one good looking family. Dad works creative at a small shop ad agency and mom's an ex-model activist. They live in Fort Greene. They totally live in Fort Greene. Overall the collection is a pretty solid range of sweatshirts, jacket, pants 'n bullshit, but, Ronnie, why are you using non-Ronnie-Fieg-footwear in your own lookbook, brah? You're feeling yourself way too hard to slip up like that.