Animal rights group PETA has admonished Jay-Z and Beyoncé for their custom-made shoes created by PMK Customs. HOV's model, the "Brooklyn Zoo Jordan I," is made of alligator, stingray, python, ostrich, crocodile, lizard, elephant, boa, and calf. Not to be outdone, Beyoncé's "King Bey Isabel Marant Sneaker Wedge" are made of ostrich, calf, anaconda, crocodile, and stingray. 

With pairs of shoes made from a safari-full of animals, PETA has come out against the power duo's bespoke game, stating "These custom-made kicks come with a high price – and it’s paid by the various animals who were beaten and skinned alive or cruelly farmed and killed." Like Cam'ron once said, "You got pets too? Mines are dead." And Jigga has put them on his feet.

Should PETA mind their own business or are they right to speak out?

[via DailyMail]