Somewhere in the annals of a dusty library (or the Internet) there lies a rule: #menswear bros must layer their clothes, successfully. GANT Rugger's Fall/Winter 2013 line-up abides by this closely-adhered rule. Basically, you're gonna look fresh as could be in this collection; jackets, scarves, vests, topcoats, you name it—the cold-weather collection has it all. Other brands might try their hardest to convince you that you can wear all your spring colors in fall. GANT Rugger knows this is dumb. Yes, you might see a light-red parka, or a pair of white trousers, but the menswear collection stays true to how dudes want to dress when it's cold. There are occasional hints of color (to break things up), but wouldn't you rather get cozy boy than dress like it's June? We thought so. Score more information, here.