Oh man, aren't cool leather jackets just the fucking coolest, man? If you’re gonna get a leather jacket get it slim, get it supple and get it…wow, I'm sound way weirder than I normally do. SOPHNET. uses a washed sheep leather for their single rider. Also, PIT VENTS, which is rad because every time I ride a motorcycle, or wear a cool leather jacket, the first thing I freak out about is pit stains. This is the jacket you never take off no matter how hot it gets. You made the commitment, so you gotta stick with that shit. Who cares if it’s 90 degrees and you’re up all hot and heavy in a 500 square foot "gallery"? Go outside, smoke cigarettes and don’t let anyone catch you wiping your sweaty, disgusting brow. FUCK, NOW YOU’RE GONNA GET YOUR EXPENSIVE BANDANA ALL SWEATY.