Oh man, I really want this TURMS shoe rack more than anything else ever. Any how humble of them to simple call it a shoe rack like it's some basic device when it’s obviously the dopest thing ever created to store your shoes—sneakers AND hardbottoms, son. This would be so painfully legit in your feature on The Selby. And it’s only $3,800 for a set of twelve! DO THAT SHIT. Deciding what pairs actually get the honor of being stored would be like The Bachelor. It’s stuff like this that makes me dream of winning the lotto or marrying an ill-fated billionaire Heiress whose favorite pastime is solo sailing the world’s most dangerous oceans. I will be so ignorant with my money, but in a classy way. I mean, no one can deny this is a pretty awesome way to organize your expensive shoe collection. It’s also super expensive, but FUCK IKEA, right?