Theophilus London doesn't only make cool tunes and hang out with Solange and Rita Ora, he also dresses pretty fresh as well. Plus, London is known to travel all over the globe. Where are we going with this? The musician recently dished out his travel tips and the best ways to pack his must-have items.

“First thing is really my hats, I have a lot of hats. I need to travel, of course, with my laptop, so I can do my business on the road. A nice collection of boots. I try to carry only boots with me. I used to carry a lot of sneakers, that’s changed a lot in the last six months,” London says.

He even has a personal assistant, just to carry around his signature hats. “I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty bad at losing my most valuable hats. I would go to the bathroom and take a number one and I would just leave all my hats there...So then I hired a personal guy to assist me in carrying all my hats, and he bought me like this thing from New a hat case, and that’s it!” London adds.

But don't expect the rapper to look like a bum in the airport. “I’m gonna be honest, I’m comfortable in my style. To me, my style is comfortable. I like to go to the airport looking stylish, you never know who you’ll run into. Sometimes I have fans at the airports. I never want to be bummy looking," says London.

Find out the rest of his traveling tips, here.

[via Infinite Leg Room]