Do you guys ever go to dirt malls? Or flea markets? I know, they’re great for Instagram since you get to post all kinds of weird shit. Like, Big Johnson and Big Dog T-shirts and jean jackets with wild racist shit sewn onto the back and borderline illegal knives. And there's always, and I mean always, a booth selling those bizzaro crystals that are meant to replace potting soil. Anyways, that’s where you’d probably find these hats. And at first you’re like, “The fuck?” And then, in a moment of lapsed judgement, you think they might even be sorta-kinda-maybe cool, like an airbrushed Tazmanian Devil on the back of a hoodie. But these hats aren’t cool. These hats are THE worst and THE dumbest. Evidently, this brand was featured on HuffPost style as a brand that has "already begun to disrupt the marketplace". Though HardWear provides no link to the press hit, so I’m calling shenanigans. Although this nonsense seems pretty HuffPost style aka HOT GARBAGE, so 50/50? Yo, these hats literally have fucking hardware for your door sewn onto them. There are also a bunch with words spelled out in metal. I personally love the one with "Style" on it for simply ironic purposes. The "E" is even backwards, like in the Toys R Us logo, which, we should mention, was designed for CHILDREN. If you have the $65-$125 to waste on these, please just send the money to Four Pins. That way Tirado can shut the fuck up about being broke for, like, at least a week.