Jeremy Scott's unique designs constantly buzz around the fashion industry, but now the designer has run into controversy with his Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Santa Cruz Skateboards has accused the designer of copying the company's designs (created by Jimbo and Jim Phillips) for his latest collection. The Santa Cruz graphics have long been a mainstay in skate culture, featuring bright, disfigured, and eye-popping faces, and Scott's clothes feature graphics that closely resemble the art work.

Streetwear has had a long history of paying homage to or flipping known graphics into new designs, but Jimbo Phillips wasn't too enthused on the use of his artwork. The artist took to Facebook and declared, "This is crazy!" The collection has not yet released, but was previewed at New York Fashion Week. As of now, no legal action has taken place. What do you guys think of this situation?

[via MTV Style]