ForYourArt has announced a new exhibit that will feature the Colby Poster Printing Company that closed just two months ago. Entitled In the Good Name of the Company, the show will celebrate contributions the business made to the art world. Their prints were valuable because they weren't digitally executed, featuring bold with black typography on top of washes of day-glow color. The signs  engaged with street culture by speaking its language. They caught the eyes of passersby, often promoting street fairs and small concerts. This is why the company had such a following, working with artists like Ed Ruscha, Allen Ruppersberg, and Eve Fowler.

The exhibition will present unframed, editioned prints alongside a representative selection of posters from Colby’s own archive. Artists to be displayed include Scott Benzel, Eve Fowler, Allen Ruppersberg, Ed Ruscha, Craig Stecyk, and many more. Learn more information here.