If you're like me then you flirt with hot girls exclusively via emojis. In fact, I pretty much only communicate via .gifs and emojis these days. IT’S, LIKE, A WHOLE NEW DIGITAL LANGUAGE, MAN. Unfortunately these Internet bishes always want to do lame shit like write real, paper letters. Yeah I know, it’s inefficient, but chicks love handwritten anything. It harkens back to a time filled with love and romance and really bad penmanship. So, blow that selfie-taking hottie’s mind with a letter filled with motherfucking EMOJI STAMPS. She will flip her Junya Mafia laced domepiece when she opens the letter and there’s a whole bunch of cat faces and shit. This stamp has enough individual symbols for you create over 2,000 emojis. That’s a whole lotta weird symbols. Thank God for the Japanese. Has Wingdings' stock ever been lower? [Editor's Note: According to Japanophiles on Twitter, kaomojis and emojis are not the same thing. Who knew?]