Architect and designer Michael Graves has received the compliment of a lifetime—he's been asked by Barack Obama to "provide national leadership on accessible design" as a member of the Access Board. Graves, who is the founding principal of Michael Graves & Associates and Michael Graves Design Group, joins fellow architect and vice chair, Karen Braitmayer.

Graves, who has been paralyzed for 10 years, will advise on a matter close to his heart. He says, "When I became paralysed, I realized that as an architect and designer, and then a patient, I had a unique perspective. As a result, I became passionate about using this perspective to improve healthcare and accessibility through design projects. Now, as a member of the Access Board, I expect to provide national leadership on accessible design, and hope I can contribute on a grand scale."

We look forward to his contributions in accessible design and beyond.

[via Dezeen]