Between all the floppy hat wearers, blanket boyz, brooch carries, mewlery proponents, meggings champions and a general acceptance of the skirt at men's runway shows, it's clear that the line between #menswear and #womenswear is becoming less and less defined as the fashion weeks go by. Lord Yeezus can be credited with at least portion of this movement, by first rocking a Celine blouse at Coachella and then following that act up with leather skirts (one of the go-to items in my girlfriend's wardrobe) and a teal Acne sweater (something my girlfriend would kill me for).

But us guys can't take all, if any, of the credit. Girl's have been stealing our flannels and varsity jackets for years. They even have a jean silhouette called the "boyfriend fit". Entire blogs are dedicated to the idea of "Tomboy Style," NYC creative-types such as Va$htie are always seen in "guys-only" brands like Supreme, and women's brands like Free People and Madewell are pushing a very menswear/Americana aesthetic. The co-ed clothing movement is most certainly a two way street. Generally speaking, the ladies are currently much closer to the center than we are.

If you're apprehensive about making your first foray into this arena, then get over it. Wearing something made for women doesn't make you a cross-dresser and it certainly does not make you any less of a man. Case-in-point: When you see a picture of Kanye is his Celine shirt, your first thought might be, "Kanye is wearing a women's shirt," but chances are it's not, "Kanye looks like a woman." That's a crucial distinction to make. Of course, there are men who enjoy dressing like women, which is 100% their prerogative, but that's a conversation regarding gender identity reserved for another time and place and website all together. What we're saying is more like, "You can still look just as #menswear even if a couple of more steezy pieces came from the women's department." If that's something you can get down with, then take a look above. If you still think that wearing a women's bracelet is going to give you a vagina then, well, you've got much bigger problems on your hands.

Jake Woolf is a writer living in New York City. You can read his blog here and follow him on Twitter here.