Occupation: Rapper
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Dudes who fashion themselves as "roughnecks," rugged-ass guys who won't let Timbs go even in the summer.

Da Brat's tomboy style caught hip-hop fans off guard in the early '90s when she entered the scene, but her skills on the mic quickly garnered the respect of the hip-hop faithful. As time went on, fans started to notice that Da Brat's style wasn't only a "gimmick," it was fresh as well. The female emcee rocked leather jackets, bubble jackets, Jordan apparel, and Timberland boots—all gear that men of the era would don. Still, there is something specific about Da Brat's personal style that adds an extra edge to her appeal, like having enough confidence to rock a hooded suit jacket, and pull it off. And who looks fresher with braids, Da Brat or A$AP Rocky? You decide.