Kidult is famous for using fire extinguishers to put giant tags on the storefronts of luxury brands that have used graffiti-style work in their products or marketing. The only thing is, these pieces don’t usually last too long. Most stores are understandably quick to remove Kidult’s work and get things back to business as usual. That’s why it is essential that Kidult documents his work. His medium of choice for documentation is video. In the case of his piece on the Supreme store in New York City, Kidult is shown spouting off a sort of manifesto over creepy music for more time than any footage of his actual graffiti gets. Seeing the finished tag in-person is like seeing only a third of Kidult’s piece. One-third is what he has to say, one-third is the performance, and only the final third is the finished piece. Maybe the tag would still make sense on its own, but the only way to really see the work as intended is to watch Kidult’s video online.

Above: Kidult hits Supreme NYC