WTFYW? Snoop Dogg Lights One Up With French Manicured Nails

WTFYW? Snoop Dogg Lights One Up With French Manicured NailsImage via Instagram

Snoop Dogg has long been one of the most stylish influences on the hip-hop game. From relaxed hairstyles and blaxploitation-era suits to classic West Coast ensembles of Chucks, Dickies, and T-shirts, Snoop has never feared experimenting with style. But when does the experimentation turn into a serious "what the fuck you wearing?" The rapper recently posted a selfie of him smoking a blunt (no surprise) and donning French manicure. Let that soak in. A French manicure. Seriously? It's well-known that Snoop is the living embodiment of Super Fly, but how strong can your pimp hand be if you're afraid of a chipped nail? On the bright side, maybe this is an axe to the Snoop Lion moniker, and a return to Doggfather-era Snoop Doggy Dogg. If so, we're sure there are legions of fans who would break him off an endless stack of nail salon gift certificates. We can only hope.

[via Instagram]

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