We're on Umit Benan's D so much so that we’re running two posts BACK TO MOTHER FUCKING BACK about his Milan Fashion Week showings. This, his namesake collection, is pretty much my fucking jam. I’m sure someone’s done the whole balaclava thing before, but I don’t care. The clothes are fucking all over the place, from tailoring to some pieces that play with fit and drape, yet it works. DRESSING LIKE A BATMAN VILLAIN IS MY NEW GO TO. You know, dark and sinister as fuck like a Clockwork Orange style gang. And I'd kill man to gain admission into this Umit Benan F/W 13 gang. Blood in, blood out. We’d probably do cool shit like run numbers and play dice and wear sweet masks with suits and carry spiked baseball bats while wearing expensive hi-tops. I'd like to go on record stating that I'd give up my life here at Four Pins, making fun of interns and nerds, to roam various fashion weeks, beating up Thom Browne army members and stabbing anyone we see from the Cucinelli crew.