Tamu McPherson of All The Pretty Birds caught up with Bloomingdale's Men's Fashion Director, and all around menswear god, Josh Peskowitz for a quick interview during Milan Fashion Week. Pesko muses about the trends and state of menswear today, and the overall direction it's heading in. They first delve into what was happening at Pitti and he correctly points out the texture takeover as a strong trend this year (can you even count the number of boiled wool coats you saw?). Another recurring theme he's noticed is the mixing of technical outerwear with tailored clothing. "It's the further mixing of what it means to dress as a man and the blurring of the categories between fashion and street and tailored clothing. All of it is sort of converging and it's really creating this language for men to be able to express themselves in a different way than they've been able to." Another spot on observation, we're pretty sure you've noticed by this point, is more streetwear and sportswear being used to break up dressier looks. Pesko continues to drop knowledge bombs on how menswear arrived to where it's at today and his thoughts on how the whole metrosexual thing kind-of-sort-of regrettably set us back before leading us here. And Nike, if you're listening, we know at least 50 dorks (including ourselves) who would shell out for a Peskowitz pro model.