I’m addicted to those crazy survival shows on TV. And I don't know why as I am way too neurotic to ever end up in one of those crazy scenarios. I will never be in a private plane over some remote territory because I won’t ever fly in a private plane. PJ’S ARE HOW RICH PEOPLE DIE. Outlier makes gear that is super burly and could probably help you survive an arctic crash landing. Like, where the dude bites the head off a live salmon and jumps into the freezing ocean just to prove it won’t kill him. On top of all that, Outlier's gear is designed with a better fit in mind and is totally appropriate for your basic ass daily commute in which the only thing you’re beheading is a burrito or whatever type of handheld food you’re currently infatuated with. Their new Woolback FreeShell fabric (merino wool and four-way stretch nylon) is made by Schoeller and all you fucking design nerds better know who Schoeller is. If not, I’m taking your black frame eyeglasses and calling into question your knowledge. BE OFFENDED.