Jan Kriwol is a photographer and a clever photomanipulator. He uses digital editing and a shrewd sense of humor to create surreal photos with personality. He straddles the line between commercial and artistic, however the ambivalence works in his favor. His photos have been used by high profile clients like Canon and Nike

His perception of his work is interesting. Kriwol says, "The use of photography is of secondary importance to me. Moreover, the border between what is commercial and what is not is very grey. For me the most important thing is the freshness of the idea and quality of the work."

Humor and absurdity in small moments is a common theme in his photos. He says, "If we understand humor as a play with convention and the advantage of imagination over the rules of reality, then humor is what my work is all about."

Take a look at his photos and explore his world.

[via Yatzer]