Artist Max Mulhern's "Aqua Dice" project is an illegal art installation. Did you know that it's against the law to leave objects in the water unattended? Even knowing this, Mulhern decided to make his dice sculptures as bright and fluorescent as can be. 

While he actually commissioned a shipbuilder to create them and make sure that they'd be buoyant (using 8 watertight compartments and 6 panels), he facilitated the release of them on 12/12/12 into the Atlantic Ocean. Instead of just photographing them and bringing them back to land, he left them in the water, too. As of January 7, 2012, both dice were about 1,100 miles west of the Canary Islands and only about 60 miles apart.

Aqueous art continues to fascinate us in its ability to transform what it means to be above or underneath the water, whether as a person or as an art object. Mulhern's recent work is no exception.

[via DesignBoom]