In addition to Barbara Kruger, John Baldessari is the next artist chosen by Arts Matter to design a bus installation for Los Angeles. Produced by ForYourArt, Baldessari's total project is titled Learn To Dream, Aprende A Soñar (For the LA Fund), and includes buses, billboards, bus shelters, and other types of outdoor media appearing in L.A. during the next four weeks. Through his design, normal Metro buses become school buses, reminding us that learning and channeling our inner child are as important as anywhere we need to go.

In the words of ForYourArt founder Bettina Korek, “John Baldessari and Barbara Kruger’s projects reflect our intention of bringing art to the public with multiple access points for diverse audiences. As the buses move through the landscape of Los Angeles, we are reminded that society’s values are communicated and learned via public space and shared movement."