Fancy yourself a stylish dresser? Now you have the opportunity to see just how good you truly are. Every year, a semi-secret panel of judges gets together to recognize the talents of "budding style icons, actresses, fashion editors, first ladies, minor royals and quasi-socialites" and decide whether they're worthy of making Vanity Fair's International Best-Dressed List

But in these times of stylists and high-end designer seeding, Graydon Carter, the editor of Vanity Fair,  admitted that it's getting harder and harder to find original style in the upper echelons of fame and fortune. So for the first time, this year anyone can enter to be included on this prestigious list.

Just upload your best pictures to Vanity Fair's site and cross your fingers to be included in a weekly slide show, or to get monthly prizes from the List's sponsors. One man and one woman will be chosen for the 2013 list, which will eventually be published in Vanity Fair's September issue. Why are you still reading this? Start snapping and get to uploading!

[via NYT]