The homies over at Logan Zane have a bunch of new steez for you dirtbags to get your hands on and up your swag. They've got all types of new leathary goodness, cardholders, a nubuck bracelet and even a  iPad Mini case. Now, some of you may say I post about Logan Zane too much and my answer to that is, you're fucking right I do. They get a lifelong supply of free advertisement on this site as long as I'm around because they give me free swag and that's all I really care about. As many of you know my plight to get paid at this forsaken establishment has fallen on deaf ears. I'M ACCEPTING ALL TYPES OF NICE, EXPENSIVE GEAR AS PAYMENT. You make nice watches? WELL, I NEED A NICE WATCH. You make sunglasses? I NEED THOSE STUNNAZ. You're name is Logan Zane and you make sick buttery leather goodness? I'M WRITING ABOUT YOUR SHIT RIGHT NOW!