"Everybody love Givenchy. It's definitely some shit that I fucks with. [A$AP] Rocky told me not to wear Givenchy no more, but I still wear it a little bit. We were just talking on the bus one day, he was like "Yeah man, stop fucking with it," and we were talking about we were gonna start fucking with Ann Demeulemeester and shit. I love her, she’s probably my favorite right now.

"But the Givenchy shit, of course, is great. I would wear that sweater all day. I'm not much really a fan of the jeans, but as far as this look, I mean this is what I expect from them you know what I’m saying?

"This is why they’re so popular right now. This is what people want to wear, so I feel like he hitting it on the head right now. That’s what we talking about with off the runway appeal. This could be in your local hood boutique, this could be in your high end fucking store in London. And different types of people could see that piece and identify with it and rock it. And probably rock it different ways. I could see somebody throwing on a fucking blazer with that or some shit. Somebody in the hood would fucking wear that shit with a fitted hat and some fucking gold chains or something and it still look good."