"Alright, alright cool. Out of everything, this probably some shit I would wear in the hood. I could be in the hood and won’t nobody trip on me for this. Like that don’t really look too crazy like most runway shit. I'd just wear these for pajamas and shit, they look comfortable as fuck. That’s one thing I’m all about now with clothes and just being comfortable.

"He’s still stylish as a motherfucker. I still want to be able to wear some shit that’s a good outfit and catch people's eye, and still get attention. But if that shit is uncomfortable it just sucks.

"His face covering, I mean if he want to do some foul things in the streets, he gotta be prepared. I mean to be honest, as fashionable as it looks, it does look like he would break into your house, or rob a bank or something so, that’s probably not something you wanna walk around your suburbs with, you know? They love the Alexander Wang in the hood, for sure, with some Nike boots on and shit."