Four Pins keeps up with the Pitti coverage with Baracuta’s F/W 13 collection which, spoiler alert, isn't just for dead white guys anymore! There are two lines these days—Ivory Label features Baracuta’s classic G9 and G4 jackets, while Blue Label features some new designs by Kenichi Kusano. Who is Kenichi Kusano? ONLY THE FORMER DIRECTOR OF BEAMS+. You need to know every player in this biz, from creative directors to buyers to PR mercenaries. I don’t even know who or what Steven Rojas does, but he’s in, like, every New Yorker’s Instagram feed during this time of the year. You can’t be a sycophant if you don’t know the name of the ass you’re currently kissing. Back to the collection, Blue Label is dope and their take on the varsity jacket is awesome aka way less Friday Night Lights than most. And the Baracuta style chest pocket is a FUCKING DOPE MOVE, KENICHI. That’s what I would say if I was boys with the designer.

This is also a germane time to impart my daily Pitti Uomo knife stab of wisdom: MAKE SURE YOU GET THE FREE HANDOUTS OF MARVIS TOOTHPASTE. Are they doing that this year? If not, make sure you eat some carbonara and go to Santa Maria Novella. SMELLING GOOD STUFF AND HOMEMADE PASTA 4 LYFE. I mean, it’s not like you can afford to actually buy anything else after your airfare and that struggle apartment you found on Air BnB.