Pop starlet Taylor Swift's song inspirations can come from anywhere, but most often, they come from ex-boyfriends. But what happens when the 23-year-old songstress runs out of "material," that is, eligible single celebs to canoodle with?

Our advice? Hit up the world of style blogging, where many unmarried males would probably like to take Ms. Swift out to a nice dinner, or at the very least a couple of cocktails at an industry event. After the inevitable breakups, we're sure she'll enough "inspiration" for a whole new album. Here are 10 Taylor Swift Songs Written About Menswear Bloggers*.

*We can't actually verify whether or not Taylor Swift wrote these songs explicitly about these menswear bloggers, or if she dated them, or if she dumped them for "not being crispy enough," or if they still cry about it to themselves at night. But we can certainly use our imaginations.