Did you ever grow up hoping one day you could start a company that would make dope T-shirts, sponsor skaters and make videos? It was like all you needed was a good graphic and Geoff Rowley’s phone number and you could fucking take off into the upper stratosphere of T-shirt companies. While that particular pipe dream has passed, congrats on pursuing the pipe dream of higher education. I rode that same pipe dream into a highly prestigious job at Four Pins. My mom is so proud that her eldest born is able to combine his two favorite things for a living: clothing he can’t afford and being incredibly immature. Back to the matter at hand, Dime makes T-shirts and skate videos and is cooler than your company would ever have been anyway. Support some Montreal cool guy shit because there’s something in the water up there that keeps them extra wavy. What do you guys think? Is Dime the next Palace? The next next Supreme?