It's pretty much common knowledge that 99.999% of people who have ashtrays in their homes are the type of unsavory characters everyone else refers to as white trash. Remember how as a kid you and your crew always tried your hardest to avoid hanging out at your one poor friend's house? His mom smoked two packs a day and would always order Pizza Hut for dinner, which even as a kid was still really fucking depressing. Yeah, that's the kind of home where you usually find ashtrays strewn about, overflowing with cigarette butts—way different from all the glamorous indoors smoking that goes on in black and white movies and other various forms of incredibly boring and outdated media. You shouldn't aspire to smoke inside (unless you are in Las Vegas, but that's a different story) because it's disgusting, but if you can't help yourself at least get an incredibly luxe ashtray from Hermès. With one of these you're talking about a whole different level of balling. Ashing in some intricately decorated porcelain is some king shit that should be on your bucket list. I mean, this is how the other half ashes, my friends. For those of you who don't smoke, good for you and your holier-than-thou smug attitude. You pricks can grab one of these and make it your change tray or just, well, buy a fucking Hermès change tray.

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