Menswear and men's fashion (that's finally the same shit, right?) inched further into the mainstream in 2012, and even though not caring about fashion is the new caring about fashion, some shit was pervasive enough even to seep into the otherwise endless stream of cats and poetry that is my Tumblr dash. But before you get your meggings in a bunch, remember that overrated doesn’t necessarily mean bad, just that the perceived value of a thing is inflated compared to the actual value—a couple infallible examples being, “The Knicks are the most overrated basketball team of all time,” and “The Beatles are the most overrated band in history.” Overall, it was a positive year for style—dudes got over themselves a bit and started to remember the sense of humor that should accompany getting dressed—but a quite few things got a little bit more play than they deserved in 2012.

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