It seems as if every asshole commenter we have on this site is always bitchin’ and moaning about prices like, “Waaahhhh *wipes away tears*, these are too expensive. Who can afford these? My uterus hurts, waaaaaaah *wipes away more tears*.” You guys think that we control prices over here or, better yet, actually relevant in fashion? It’s fine though, I hear your cries. I'm happy to promo Timberland’s GT Scramble boot. Not to be confused with your old GT bike that got you your first handjob after you courted your neighborhood tomboy and let her ride around on your pegs all day, this is one of the best boots that not a lot of money can buy. Another thing you kids cry about is about how everything is from, like, Japan or Italy. YOU CAN PICK THESE UP AT YOUR NEAREST FOOT LOCKER IF YOU'D LIKE. There you go, argument defeated. Boom, roasted.