Roderick Laine Treece

"A New York designer for Ralph Lauren approached me because he wanted handmade glass signs for a new store designed to look like it was from the 1800s. He wanted the mirrors to seem as authentically turn of the century as possible. A lot of the artwork had been designed in Photoshop, which gave it a stiff look. We changed a lot of that by hand. We re-created signs that looked like they were one hundred years old. I had to pick apart all of these techniques. It's one thing to see something old and in beautiful, pristine condition and re-create it. But it's another thing to figure out how it has worn itself away and to replicate that process. It's ironic to get paid to make things appear faded and beat up. That's part of what being a sign maker is and always has been. It's about following the trends and creating whatever people want."

(p. 76)