Ira Coyne

"Sign painting creates jobs-more importantly, jobs for artists. Art and music are the first things to go in schools. The role of art is disappearing. When we were kids, we learned about bakers and candlestick makers. We learned about cobblers and all these old-school, awesome things that people did their entire lives. They specialized in making one thing. Today the things that are made are not meant to last, they're temporary, but the by-product of that is not temporary at all. It's detrimental to our environment."

"Computers are obviously important, they have an important role, but to put all of our faith in something that isn't real is an illusion. In archaeology, the things that matter most are handmade: ceramics, glass, sarcophagi, paintings. The most valued objects of lost cultures are the things that were made by hand. We need to start making things with our hands again."

(p. 68)