Many magazines attempt to celebrate analog photography in the digital age, but few do it as well as Steady, a new zine being distributed in New York City. Founded by Brian Kelley (Killing It Everyday), Dan Zvereff (Zvereff) and Justin Hogan (Thanks Camera), the premiere issue titled “Subways”, is a raw study of New York City's transit system.

Each issue has three chapters, one for each contributor, showing a still of the camera used. The introduction of "Subways" reads:

“NYC is one of the few places in the world where the majority of people commute via subway. Every corner of the city is linked by a vascular network of subterranean tunnels, where everyday 3.5 million riders from all walks of life—the wealthy as well as the destitute—travel from one destination to another, bumping into each other along the way, and sharing an experience for a few brief minutes. Disconnected from cell phones and forced to interact in a world that is increasingly impersonal, together we all navigate this massive city.”

Pick up a copy in NYC at one of the following locations:

21 Mercer, Blades, BLK DNM, Burton, Carhartt, Chrome, CRC, Dashwood Books, DQM, DQM general store, Dunderdon, KCDC, La Colombe (Soho, 4th Street), Labor Skateshop, Lafayette Smoke Shop, Manhattan Color Labs, Pudge Knuckles, Raised By Wolves, Reed Space, Saturdays (Soho), Spoonville, St Marks Books, Stussy, Supreme, Surface to Air, The Hundreds