Scarves get weirder, even though this is technically a shawl and not a scarf—a button shawl in fact. For those of you experimenting in intrepid layering this winter, you might want to dig into Engineered Garment's newest accessory. The whole selling point of this is that you can wear it in a variety of ways with varrying degrees of difficult. A big ass scarf? Check. A 3/4 shirt bib type situation? Check. Over the shoulder for a snood on steroids? Check. Around your waist like a man skirt? Check. And you thought silk scarves were effeminate! For $144 there's a lot of value in the button shawl, assuming you have the stones to wear it to its fullest potential. I picked one up this weekend and my girlfriend's first joke was that I looked like Sherlock Holmes. Her second joke was that I looked like Harry Potter. Depending on your taste in young adult fiction, these may or may not be seen as compliments. If you're trying to join my shawl gang and frolic around the city like spry grandmothers with cape like scarves flowing in the wind, call Nepenthes at 212-643-9540 or shoot them an email